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Who We Help

 Rentable Memories offers property owners the opportunity to achieve financial stability without the hassle. We can help property owners that either own rental properties, hold property on the market that could use a tenant, or even those that have a rentable spare room. Through our services you gain access to a more stress-free experience by removing the required day-to-day operations.

Benefits of Partnering with Rentable Memories

 There is no fee or cost to you at any time. Once we sign a lease and provide you with a security deposit, you can enjoy all of the following, on us! 

Automatic Rental Payments

Never have to worry about a late rent payment again. Each month direct rental deposits are made into your bank account. It's simple, we do the work and you get paid.

Minor Maintenance Covered

As homeowners and landlords ourselves, we know the hassles and hiccups involved. We will take care of all minor maintenance, so as to involve you as little as possible.

Professional Cleaning Service

We want to make sure your investment gets the quality care it deserves. After each guest, your property will be professionally cleaned, ensuring it stays in immaculate condition. 

Carefully Screened Guests

Rest easy knowing your property is safe and secure. All guests are pre-screened and the property is secured with keyless entry.

Minimal Wear and Tear

The result of not having long term tenants is less utilities and minimal use of appliances at your property, saving you money on maintenance. 

No Administrative Hassle

Sit back and relax, we've got it handled. There's no additional management from you. 


  • Travel Nurses

  • Dog parents

  • World Explorers

  • Real Estate Investors

Get to Know Us

We are BJ and Toni Singh, owners of Rentable Memories. We are excited about the prospect of partnering with you!


As Travel Nurses, we have had the opportunity to experience many different cities and stay in various short term rentals. This enabled us to recognize what did and did not work in the short term rental world. We also own two properties of our own and therefore understand what is important to landlords when leasing their space. 

Our experience, professionalism, and business-savvy mindset make us the perfect pair to work with on your property.

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